Cicely Douglas
South Sioux City Public Library

Tell us about your experience leading a change in your library and/or in your community. (You can tell us more than one but make it brief)
I have given presentations to librarians on STEM, Youth collections, and systemic issues and change.

What is your mentoring philosophy & style?
It's important to take a lot of time in the beginning to just getting to know and learn about the other person. Discuss any issues that impact their day to day. Help identify goals and encourage leadership through their strengths.

What else would you like a leadership mentee to know about you?
I have been in libraries for 12 years and have grown from paraprofessional to MLS. I have worked in children's, teens, reference, and administration. I tend to prefer structure but I am very flexible at the same time.

Areas of expertise
Equity initiative in the library, community, and/or profession; ; Evaluation of library projects or services;