Hope Decker
Wayland Free Library

Tell us about your experience leading a change in your library and/or in your community.
At my old library director job I led the library through some large increases over 10 years ($26,000 to $145,000 annual budget, 800 sq. ft. to 6,000 sq. ft. library space, 42X increase in program participation). These increases happened because of the work I did with the community. This happened because of 10 years of trust building and partnership. We were able to take risks because trust was built. Leading for sustainable change can't happen in a vacuum, we worked together.

What is your mentoring philosophy & style?
I deeply believe each individual has many unique strengths that deserve to be celebrated. Finding and building on those strengths is the role of a mentor. I value the wisdom and experience that each person brings. It is a gift to be able to walk along side another person, hear their story, and learn from them as a mentor.

What else would you like a leadership mentee to know about you?
I am passionate about the impact small, rural libraries can have in their communities. I want to see libraries, their communities, and the people who work in them, flourish!

Areas of expertise
, , , Leading change in the library or the community, , , strengthening community wellbeing