Jennifer Pearson
Marshall County (TN) Memorial Library

Tell us about your experience leading a change in your library and/or in your community.
Y'all know me so I expect you don't need me to write a book. I am recently particularly proud of the work I did with our economic development team and TVA on the MarCO POLO project mentioned here.

What is your mentoring philosophy & style?
I feel that everyone is different. I want to understand the mentee and their style and motivations so that I can best help. I like casual yet meaningful interactions.

What else would you like a leadership mentee to know about you?
That I am straightforward and direct — I like to have fun but I want to get our work done and figure out how to get the best out of you. It will help me if you are able to be open and challenging when appropriate. I want to learn something from you as well.

Areas of expertise
Leading change in the library or the community, , ,