Patrick Bodily
Independence Public Library
Library Manager

Tell us about your experience leading a change in your library and/or in your community.
Previously, I headed up an initiative between libraries to create a resource sharing consortium and shared ILS. Currently working with city officials and other stakeholders to go fine free.

What is your mentoring philosophy & style?
I believe it's important for emerging leaders to know that they have someone to reach out to. Availability is key, whether it's face to face, virtually, or through text or email. I also know that, as I was beginning my library work, I was hesitant to reach out to anyone on my own. I believe in being a listening ear, but also in making the time to periodically reaching out as a mentor to remind the individual I'm working with know I'm there.

What else would you like a leadership mentee to know about you?
I'm really excited about the prospect of working as a mentor. Working in libraries, especially in small and rural libraries, we often feel like nobody really “gets” what we're going through. That's what's so great about ARSL – there are people who have to deal with the same issues we do, and we can help support each other. We don't have to reinvent an organization, but we do have to create our own support structure. I look forward to being a part of that support.

Areas of expertise
, , Evaluation of library projects or services, Building library culture, ,